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Recursive Discourse

The Mutterings of a Cynical Pseudo-Intellectual (Established 2003)

2 February
I was born in Brum, grew up in Devon, have lived the majority of my adult life in Cardiff, and I've just moved to London. Yeah, can you *be* any more cosmopolitan? I. Cannot. Write. Sentences. I am not known as the Masked Wanderer.

Please note the following from my first post on LJ, despite the occasional bending of a rule here or there they mostly still hold.

These are the self-imposed rules of RD (insert Fight Club parody here):

1. Subjects. I promise no talk about vampires, LJ itself, paganism (well, maybe, but it won't be nice) or obscure indie/rock/goth bands (nor indeed non-obscure ones).

2. Friends. To be my "Friend" on here I have to: (a) actually know you; (b) like you, or at least want to pretend to like you; or (c) think you are the best thing since sliced bread (excluding Post-It notes). If you "Friend" me, fine, I'm flattered, but the reciprocation is entirely at my discretion.

3. There is no third rule.

4. I promise to be positive/friendly/open-eyed naive at least once a month.

5. Post fairly regularly.

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